E1M1 22 10 2020

Audit Management Committee Meeting of the Chief Ministry held on 22.10.2020 at Chief Ministry’s Conference Hall at 9.30 am with the presiding of Mr. U.L.A. Azeez, Secretary, Chief Accountant & Planning Director of Chief Ministry and with the participation of Head of Departments whom comes under Chief Ministry purview, Audit Superintendent & Officers from Auditor General Department and Chief Accountant of Provincial Treasury.

During this meeting, the following matters were discussed and the solution for the audit related problems also discussed at this forum.

Review of Internal Audit Queries.

Review of National Audit Queries.

Submission of Advance to POo & Unsettle balances.

Submission of Deposit & Lapsed Deposit.

Unrealized Cheque for more than 6 months.

Review the progress of implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

E1M2 22 10 2020

Review the implementation of Right to Information Act (RTI).

Review the implementation of Citizen Charter.

Review Administration & Development of Resources including Human Resources.

Monitoring evaluation of COPA online report.

Review of Capital Expenditure.

Board of Survey – 2019 Follow up action.

Internal Audit Unit & Annual Internal Audit Plan - 2020.






E1M3 22 10 2020

E1M4 22 10 2020

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