E1M1 21 10 2021

The Department of Local Government with the support of the Asia Foundation has conducted a demonstration program on “Let’s Read” virtually for 166 libraries functioning in the Eastern Province on 2021.10.21. The team members of the Asia Foundation, especially Mr. Anton Nallathamy, Director for Book for Asia (BFA) and the staff members of the foundation and Chairman and Secretary of the Local Authorities with the library staff have participated in the virtual session. Nearly 83 participants were attended this demonstration program.

The demonstration on Let’s Read website of the Asia Foundation has been illustrated to the participants in all three languages and the special features of the website and the collection of books available for access and download in various languages were discussed. As this is an golden opportunity to the local authorities where the LAs can use this platform to take this to the children of their area and make them a user for this website and ensure that the children of the areas are get benefitted by this initiative. Moreover, to make this website more popular among the children a special poster will be distributed among all the LAs and asked to display at common places where children and others can view and access the site. Additionally, libraries with the digital facilities will take action to download those book in their preferred languages and keep it either in hard copy or else as soft copy for the access of children. This facilities definitely add value to the libraries of the Eastern Province and assist children to enhance their reading habit for the betterment of their future. The website is accessible for everyone and mobile app also available for access. (www.letsreadasia.org).


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