E1M1 10 03 2022

Hon. Governor of the Eastern Province Anuradha Yahambath addressd to a special event was held on 10-03-2022 in Trincomalee that the current dollar crisis in the country should be used as an opportunity to rebuild the local economy. The Hon. Governor also added that this would help to build the country's economy

Hon. Governor further expressed that There is a crisis of dollars in the country today. There is nothing to hide in this regard we can use this crisis as an opportunity to build the local economy. We have spent so many dollars to import foreign goods into our country. As a result, we found hardship to market many of our local products. This is the high time we need to understand that. When the fruit trees of our country are rotting, we are looking at the apples and oranges coming from foreign countries. Farmers are suffering as they are unable to sell the green gram and cowpeas made in our country. While, dhal is being imported. Stop the prevailing system now and take advantage of this opportunity to promote our local products.”

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