E1M1 02 03 2022

The newly established Sustainable Dairy Unit under Sustainable Agriculture Culture was opened by the Hon. State Minister D.P Herath, State Ministry of Livestock and Hon. Anuradha Yahampath, The Governor of Eastern Province on 28-02-2022 at Animal Husbandry Farm Uppuveli,Trincomalee.

Consequently a special Meeting was held to discuss the financial allocations of the  Department of Animal Production and Health ,EPC at Training Center of the Department of AP&H in Trincomalee. It was chaired by the Hon. Governor, Eastern Province and Hon. State Minister ,State Ministry of Livestock.

Mr.I.K.G. Muthubanda , Secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture,Eastern Provincial Council,Mr L.P Madanayake, Secretary to the Hon. Governor , Dr. MA Mohamed Bassi, Director, Provincial Department of Animal Production and Health and Veterinary Officers were also participated in this event.





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