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Delegation of Functions
Financial for the Year - 2018

             - Circular  |   Formats
Advances to
Public Officers - 2017

Circular | Forms
Payment of Salaries and salary Advance for the Year - 2018
Registration For Contractors and Suppliers - 2018
Letter | English | Tamil | Sinhala

English | Tamil | Sinhala
Estimate of Advance Accounts - 2018
Letter | Advance Account Estimate | Advance to Public Officer
Closing of Account for the Financial Year - 2017
Recording of all non-financial assets of the government in order to Oversee the Assets & Cost Management
                   - Details  |  
Online Data Submission COPA - 2016
                   - Letter  |   Instruction
Submission of Details of SLAcS Accountants
                   - Letter  |   Form
Annual Transfer Procedure of Officer in the Srilanka Accountant Service
                   - Letter  |  
Draft Estimate Format 2018
                   - Letter  |   Forms
Annual Financial
Statement 2017

                         - Details

  Registered Suppliers &
Contractors 2017 for EPC

                             - More Details   

Annual Transfer Procedure of Officers in the Sri Lanka Accountants' Services
                         - Circular
Payment of Salaries and Salary Advance for the Year -2017
                         - Circular
Closing of Accounts for the Financial Year - 2016
                         - Circular
Rivision of Advance Accounts Limit for the Year - 2016
                - Circular | Application
Object Codes for 2017
                - Details
Accounts Code & Calander Date for the Year - 2017
            - Letter | Details
Imprest Limit & Flash Report - 2017
            - Letter | Details
Strengthening of Public Financial Control
                - Details
Annual Advance to Public Officers ‘B’ Accounts Reconciliation Statement
            - Circular | Forms
Appropriation Accounts - 2016
            - Circular

Format      English | Tamil | Sinhala

Review of Financial Preformance of Provincial Ministries and Departments, EPC
            - Circular    |   Format

Official Bank Accounts
- Cigas 17 Package with Budget File
  Vision   Mission
Smart organization ensuring sound management of public finance and resources by provincial agencies.
Execute systems and procedures for mobilization and management of funds for harmonized programs through controlling and distributing funds and resources fairly and equitability for efficient service delivery of the provincial agencies.
Thrust Area - 1   :  Improvement of financial management system.
Improved budget process.
Improved revenue management system.
Monitored and managed expenditure programmes.
Thrust Area - 2   :  Institutional development and governance.
Skilled and trained staff.
Efficient and effective Service delivered.
Improved institutional service.
Financial regulation, circulars, guidelines and recommendation complied with and implemented.
Provincial Treasury Circulars
Date Circular No. Details View
10/2/2017 PT/04/2017 Provincial Procurement Procedure as per the Procurement Guidelines English
8/29/2016 PT/06/2016 Revision of Non-Refundable Tender Deposits English
7/6/2016 PT/04/2016(i) Revision of the salaries in Public Services-2016 English
6/24/2016 PT/11/2015(i) Efficient Management of Overtime/Holyday duty expenditure for Health Staff, EPC English
3/16/2016 PT/05/2016 Payment of Monthly Transport Allowance instead of Providing Official Vehicles English
4/3/2016 PT/04/2016 Revision of the salaries in Public Services-2016 English
2/25/2016 PT/03/2016 Adopting of Public Financial Circular No 03/2015 to the Provincial Council Institution English
2/15/2016 PT/09/2010(IV) Procurement of Works, Goods and Service in conformity with the Procurement Guidelines -2006- EPC English
1/18/2016 PT/03/2016 Appropriation Account-2015 English
1/12/2016 PT/02/2016 2016ம் ஆண்டினுள் செலவினகளை மேற்கொள்வதற்கான அதிகாரமளித்தல் மற்றும் அரச செலவீன முகாமைத்துவம் Tamil
1/1/2016 PT/01/2016 Accounting Codes & Calendar dates during the Year-2016 English
10/19/2015 PT/12/2015 Efficient Management of Overtime/Holyday duty expenditure for Office Staff, EPC English
10/19/2015 PT/11/2015 Efficient Management of Overtime/Holyday duty expenditure for Health Staff, EPC English
10/8/2015 PT/10/2015 Public Expenditure Management-Printing of Calendars and Diaries English
8/19/2015 PT/09/2015 Disposable of Damaged/Un usable Vehicles in the Government Institution of EPC English
7/15/2015 PT/08/2015 (I) Payement Of Special Allowence for officers holding post 'b' of executive service catogery in the Public Service. English
7/1/2015 PT/08/2015 Payement Of Special Allowence for officers holding post 'b' of executive service catogery in the Public Service. English
6/25/2015 PT/07/2015 செயற்பாட்டினை நிறுத்தி வைக்கப்பட்ட மற்றும் தற்காலிகமாக பதிவு செய்யப்பட்ட பெறுமதி சேர் வரி (VAT) தொடர்பான அறிவுறுத்தல் Tamil
6/24/2015 PT/03/2014 (I) Allowence for Field Officers engaged in Extension activities English
3/17/2015 PT/09/2010 (II) Procument of works, Goods and Service inconformity with the Procument Guidelines-2006
Eastern Provincial Council (EPC)
4/8/2015 PT/01/2015 (I) Provision of Communication Facilities for the Public Officers and Government Institutions and Settlement bills English
3/31/2015 PT/06/2015 Revision of Festival Advance English
3/2/2015 PT/05/2015 2015 ம் ஆண்டினுள் செலவீனங்களை மேற்கொள்வதற்காக அதிகாரமழித்தல் மற்றும் அரச செலவின முகாமைத்துவம் Tamil
2/25/2015 PT/04/2015 List of Imprest 2015 English
2/13/2015 PT/03/2015 Revision of the allowence of Officers in Public Sector as per Budget Proposals 2015 English
2/5/2015 PT/01/2015 Provision of Communication Facilities for the Public Officers and Government Institution and settlement bills. English
1/30/2015 PT/02/2015 Appropriation Account English
12/27/2014 PT/12/2014 Preparation of "Annual Deposit Reconciliation Statement" and Submission to Audtior General-2014 English
12/27/2014 PT/11/2014 Preparation on annual advance to Public Officers 'B' accounts reconciliation statement and submission to Auditor General 2014 English
12/1/2014 PT/10/2014 Delegation of Functions for financial Control for the year of 2015 English
12/1/2014 PT/09/2014 Closing account for the financial Year of 2014 English
11/25/2014 PT/08/2014 Scheduled dated for payment of salaries and salary advance for the year of 2015 English
11/19/2014 PT/07/2014 Revision of advance Accounts Limit for the Year 2014 English
11/19/2014 PT/06/2014 FR transfer application English
11/14/2014 PT/05/2014 Payement for interim allowence for Government Officers and Pensioners based on the Budget Proposal 2015 English
8/25/2014 PT/03/2014 (I) Allowence For Field officers engaged in extension activities English
6/30/2014 PT/04/2014 Due Complain of Procument Guidelines, Manual and Relevant F.RR & Circulars in Respect of Processing the Bid documents/ quotations English
6/17/2014 PT/09/2010 (I) Procuments of Works, Goods and Service inconformity with the Procument Guidlinces-2006
Eastern Provincial Council (EPC)
5/27/2014 PT/03/2014 Allowence For Field Officer Engaged in extension activities English
1/31/2014 PT/02/2014 Authorizing for incurring expenditure for 2014 and Public Expenditure Management English
1/1/2014 PT/01/2014 Revision of the Cost of Living in Public Service as per Budget Proposals-2014 English
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