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ග‍්‍රාම සංවර්ධන දෙපාර්තමේන්තුව
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  ග‍්‍රාම සංවර්ධන දෙපාර්තමේන්තුව,
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   වරෝදය නගර්,

  දුරකතන : 026-2225990
  ෆැක්ස් :     026-2223683

  විද්‍යුත් තැපෑල:

Registered RDS,WRD-2014
  Vision   Mission
Empowered rural community sustainably contributing to rural economy of the Eastern Province.
Mobilize and facilitate rural community for socio, economic and cultural development towards improved standard of living in line with the national development.
Thrust Area - 1   :   Strengthening community based organizations.
CBOs actively involved in rural development processes.
Improved capital assets of CBOs
Thrust Area - 2   :  Accessibility and facility for financing production and marketing.
Ensured successful Micro Financing by societies for entrepreneurship development.
Adopted value added practices.
Improved local and national market linkages.
Thrust Area - 3   :   Skill development for entrepreneurship.
Encouraged women participation on development.
Improved the capacity of rural youths.
Thrust Area - 4   :   Institutional capacity development.
Knowledge and skilled staff.
Strengthened Women Development Centers.
Information based decision making ensured.
Thrust Area - 5   :  Good Governance.
Participatory monitored and evaluated institutional programmes and plans.
Circulars and guidelines complied and implemented.
Improved accountability and ownership of CBOs in rural based economic activities.
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