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  மாகாண திட்டமிடல் செயலகம்,
  கன்னியா வீதி,

  தொலைபேசி :026-2224013
  கைபேசி   :   077-7583903
  தொலைநகல் :026-2221012


Volume I    Main Document
Volume II  Pipeline of Projects
Volume III a.  Agricultural Development
                b.  Housing & infrastructure
                c.  Industrial Development
                d.  Human Development
                e.  Provincial Governance
                 f.  Environment
Budget speech
  Financial Year 2015
           (Tamil | Sinhala)
  Financial Year 2016
           (Tamil | Sinhala)
Project Pipeline
Statistics at a Glance - 2013
Statistics at a Glance - 2015
Administration Report - 2016
 Proposal - EPC
 Project Submition Format- DNP
 Concept Paper - ERD
 Concept Guidelines - ERD
 Planning Memo
 FC Guideline 2018
 Guideline for Preparation of
  Effective AIP - EPC
Annual Implementation Programme
  Final Reports
     2013      (PSDG    |    CBG)
     2014      (PSDG    |    CBG)
     2015      (PSDG    |    CBG)
     2016      (PSDG    |    CBG)
  Summary of Fund Allocation
     2015       ( CBG & PSDG )
     2016       ( CBG & PSDG )
     2017       ( CBG & PSDG )
  Vision   Mission
Competent apex agency executing dynamic provincial planning process.
Professionally guide, facilitate and coordinate provincial agencies through innovative effective systems, enhanced capacity and initiatives ensuring balanced socio economic development.
Thrust Area - 1   :   Provincial planning process and systems.
Formulated comprehensive result based medium-term development plan for EP and sector implementation programmes.
Ensured optimum utilization of mobilized resources with balanced approach to meet development targets.
Thrust Area - 2   :  Coordination & monitoring of programmes and projects.
Ensured effective coordination among the stakeholders in planning and implementation.
Strengthened monitoring mechanisms for project implementation of consolidated AIP.
Thrust Area - 3   :  Information management and dissemination.
Operationalized ICT lead reliable and user friendly information system for policy, planning and management.
Improved dissemination process of updated information for quick & easy access for public.
Thrust Area - 4   :  Institutional development and governance.
Competent staff performing in pleasure working environment with innovatives.
Created modern office infrastructure facilities with appropriate structure & effective ICT system.
Ensured balance development and equity & equality in development among sub-region and communities.
Regular Meetings Provincial Planning Secretariat, EPC
Name of the meetings Date Place of Meeting Chaired By
Unit Meeting Every Monday Unit Head of Units
Staff Meeting Fortnightly (Tuesday of 1st and 3rd Week) PPS Conference Hall DCS (P)
Provincial Planning Committee Meeting 2nd week of every quarter Conference Hall, EPC, Varothayanagar. Chief Secretary
  - Minutes
Development Review Meeting Every Quarter of the Year Governor's Secretariat Hon. Governor
  - Minutes
Provincial Development Forum
    16th May 2013
    29th July 2013
    30th July 2013


Hon. Chief Minister
    - Trincomalee:Tamil | Sinhala
    - Ampara:       Tamil | Sinhala
    - Batticaloa:    Tamil | Sinhala

Special Meetings Provincial Planning Secretariat, EPC
Name of the meetings Date Place of Meeting Chaired By
Special Progress Review Meeting 14th November 2013 Conference Hall, EPC, Varothayanagar Chief Secretary
  - Minutes
Special Progress Review Meeting 25th November 2014 Conference Hall, EPC, Varothayanagar Chief Secretary
  - Minutes
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