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Provincial Public Service Commission
The Commission

    Mr. V.P.Balasingham




Mr. I.K.G. Muthubanda

  Inner Harbour Road,

  Tel :026 -2222823
  Fax :026 -2222174

  e-mail: ppsc@ep.gov.lk

    Efficency Bar Examination           Circular
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  Vision   Mission
Apex institution on human resources management ensuring higher performance in provincial public service
Establish Professional systems in recruitment, transfers, promotions and disciplinary procedure of the provincial public service and delegate relevant authorities to provincial agencies ensuring the implementation of the approved systems in fair and equitable manner.
Thrust Area - 1   :   Reviewing & approving Schemes of Recruitment (SOR)
                                 and Connected Activities
Reviewed and approved SORs for Provincial Public Service .
Updated SOR's.
SOR's translated to Official Languages.
Thrust Area - 2   :   Recruitments, Promotions and Connected Activities
Competitive Examinations for Recruitments conducted.
Interviews for Recruitment conducted.
Efficiency Bar Examinations conducted.
Interviews for promotions conducted.
Introduced Improved system for recruitment, transfer and Promotion processes.
Thrust Area - 3   :   Facilitating Inter Provincial and Central Government Transfers .
Facilitated Inter Provincial / Central Government Transfers .
Thrust Area - 4   :   Act as an appellant Authority.
Grievances of provincial public officers promptly responded.
Thrust Area - 5   :   Institutional development and governance.
Introduced Comprehensive Performance Appraisal System.
Training for Employees.
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