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      Legal Unit                                              
Legal Officer
Mr.Aniff Lebbe

  Legal Unit ,

  Inner Harbour Road,

  Tel :026-2223915
  e-mail: legal@ep.gov.lk


The Mission of the Legal Unit of the Eastern Provincial Council is to provide advice and guidance for Legal implications, the Provincial Administration seeks with the view to ensure the Authorities have made decision within the Legal bound and to appear in court cases and tribunals instituted for and against the Provincial Council directly or by any other counsels in order to secure the interest of the Provincial Council.

  Key Functions

Providing advices and guidance the matters relating to the interpretation, implementation of any provisions of any written law, legislative enactment, subsidiary rules, regulations and by Laws that may arise in the discharge of official functions.


Institution of cases in a Court of Law for or on behalf of the Eastern Provincial Council against any person or any breach of any provisions of any law, rule or regulation or for redress of any wrong or damage caused to the Eastern Provincial Council or for obstruction of any duty or duties that are performed for and on behalf of the Eastern Provincial Council.


Provide advice to the relevant Provincial Authority prior to or while pending any cases instituted by or against the Eastern Provincial Council or its officers


Provide advice or guidance with regard to all issues or queries arising out of the interpretation of any condition or term of tenders, award of tenders, the offer and acceptance of any contract or any type of services, work or transactions of similar nature that are originated, implemented or supervised by the Eastern Provincial Council or that have any reference to the administration of the Eastern Provincial Council.


Provide advice and guidance in regard to the holding of any disciplinary inquiry against any officer or employee of the Eastern Provincial Public Service for any breach or default or non compliance of rules or for the Commission of alleged or suspected offences or for having found guilty in a court of law for any offence.


Provide consultation on any other matters other than the above which are expedient to seek legal advice by the Eastern Provincial Council Authority.

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