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SLIDA Training Request
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Training Needs Identification of Provincial Councils
Managerial Programmes -2015
Training Consultancies Carried out by SLIDA
Managerial Programmes -2016
Application for course registration by SLIDA
Training Programme for Managerial Cadres
Re- Establishment of Administrative Reforms Cells and Activist Groups
Productivity Awards
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  Vision   Mission
Modern organization supporting for competent human resources.
Develop human resources and management system through improving and strengthening organizational and personnel capacity with career development programmes and cadre management fairly and equitably for better service delivery.
Thrust Area - 1   :  Implementing cadre management system.
Ensured excellent cadre administration.
Ensured assistance to obtain the cadre approval.
Thrust Area - 2   :  Conducting skills & career development programmes.
Coordinated national level career development programmes.
Coordinated foreign training programmes.
Thrust Area - 3   :  Facilitating ICT service.
Installed integrated network system within EPC institutions.
Provided consultancy and maintenance service.
Thrust Area - 4   :  Enhancing productivity of provincial agencies.
Ensured continuous improvements in productivity of provincial agencies.
Thrust Area - 5   :  Intuitional capacity development and governance.
Upgraded knowledge and skills of staff ensured.
Maintained capital assets and provision for new assets.
Circulars, guidelines and recommendations are complied.
Foreign Training Opportunities
                                                        - For EPC Employees
Title of the Training Country Duration Eligibility Closing Date for Application More Details
2017 Seminar on Malaria Control For Developing Countries(1) China From.25thApril To15thMay-2017 See the brouchers 27-03-2017 Brochures
Master's Degree Programmes-2017 KOICA Korea - See the brouchers 27-03-2017 Brochures
2017 Seminar in China China - See the brouchers 27-03-2017 Brochures
Master of Science Programme in Tropical Agriculture Thailand - See the brouchers 01-06-2017 Brochures
Master of public Health Programme in International health Thailand 15 Months See the brouchers 01-06-2017 Brochures
The Thailand International postgraduate programme(TIPP) Thailand - See the brouchers 21-04-2017 Brochures
2017 Seminar on Cerebral Diseases Control&Prevention for Developing countries China From.06th April To 05thMay-2017 See the brouchers 21-03-2017 Brochures
Seminar on Soil&Fertilizer Comprehensive Management &Utilization for Developing Countries China From.29th March To 27thApril-2017 See the brouchers 17-03-2017 Brochures
Training Course on Empowering Women through Family Planning & Economic Development Interventions Indonesia From.15th To 19thMay-2017 See the brouchers 24-03-2017 Brochures
Quality Improvement of health Services through KAIZEN Approach Japan From.13th August To 09thSeptember-2017 See the brouchers 16-03-2017 Brochures
Seminar on Biogas Industry Promotion &management for Developing Countries in 2017 China From.7thTo27thApril-2017 See the brouchers 24-03-2017 Brochures
2017Seminar on Hospital Management for Developing Countries China From.31stMarch To20thApril-2017 See the brouchers 22-03-2017 Brochures
2017 Seminar on China's Experience in Reform & opening-up for Developing China From.16th March To 05thApril-2017 See the brouchers 13-03-2017 Brochures
Lifestyle-Related Diseases Prevention Japan From.7thTo11thJune-2017 See the brouchers 06-03-2017 Brochures
21st Century Teacher Education Singapore From.15thTo19thMay-2017 See the brouchers 17-03-2017 Brochures
Hospital Management Japan From.8th To17thJune-2017 See the brouchers 28-02-2017 Brochures
Master's Programmed in Economic and Public Policy Japan From. 2017 to 2019 See the brouchers 17-02-2017 Brochures
Programme for Annual International Training Course (AITC) for 2017 Thailand - See the brouchers - Brochures
Train the Trainer : Food Safty Management Thailand From. 6th To 31st
See the brouchers 15-01-2017 Brochures
Sufficiency Ecconomy Philosophy Towards & Sustainable Development Thailand From. 12th To 26th
See the brouchers 15-01-2017 Brochures
Comprehensive Management for Pediatric and Adolescent Living with HIV / AIDS Thailand From. 20th To 30th
See the brouchers 07-01-2017 Brochures
Medical Equpment Management and Maintenance Japan From. 9th January
To 19th March
See the brouchers 21-10-2016 Brochures
Ph.D Programme at National Graduate Institute of Policy Studies (GRIPS) Japan 5 Years (Minimum 3years) See the brouchers 11-11-2016 Brochures
Programme in Economic Policy Management USA 1 Year See the brouchers - Brochures
Vegetable Production Technology for Livelihood Improvement of Small Scale Farmers Japan From. 5thFebruary-2017 To 03rd
See the brouchers 13-10-2016 Brochures
- Applications for the Foreign Training   
Volunteers Programme   
    - KOICA Volunteers & Advisors Programme for the year 2016
                 Deadline : 19/02/2016
                         - More Details
Local Training Opportunities   
    - SLIDA Certified Training Programme For OES
                 Venue : Lecture Hall, SLIDA
                         - More Details
    - SLIDA Certified Training Programme For Drivers
                 Venue : Lecture Hall, SLIDA
                         - More Details
    - Diploma For Professional Mangement Assistants
                 Venue : Lecture Hall, SLIDA
                         - More Details
    - Master of Public Management (MPM & E-Governance) Degree Course 2015 - 2017
                 Venue : Lecture Hall, SLIDA
                         - More Details
- Further Details : Mr. L.Priyatharshan, Development Officer - 026 2050605 
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