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Engineering Services & Infrastructure
Deputy Chief Secretary - Engineering

  Engineering Services &
  Kanniya Road,

  Tel : 026-2222509
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  Email : engineering@ep.gov.lk

   Administration Report - 2012
   Administration Report - 2013
   Administration Report - 2014
  Vision   Mission
Professional institution for quality engineering services to all public agencies.
Providing technical guidance to the public agencies efficiently and effectively for the utilization of resources in optimal manner to ensure standards of infrastructure facilities.
Thrust Area - 1   :  Providing technical, advisory and support services.
Ensured quality construction of infrastructures.
Coordinated technical services for better performance.
Thrust Area - 2   :  Delivering advisory services to the provincial agencies on procuring and maintaining vehicles.
Maintained good conditioned vehicle fleet.
Maintained web based vehicle information system
Thrust Area - 3   :  Institutional development and governance.
Efficient and effective internal office system.
Skilled and trained technical staff.
Improved productivity at office.
Improved accountability.
The following subjects come under the purview of this office
  1. Appropriate Technology
  2. Renewable energy use in Eastern Province
  3. Data bank of construction Materials
  4. Mechanical advising unit
  5. Electrical Maintenance unit
  6. Technical concept papers for developments of infrastructural facilities in Eastern Province
  7. Quality control programme – JBIC funding in Eastern Province
  8. Tourism development in Eastern Province
Appropriate Technology

Advice in the use of appropriate technology Concrete Mix design was introduced to use the available materials for construction

Renewable energy use in Eastern Province

Solar home systems (SMS)
Facilitated the process with RERED Project of World Bank administered by DFCC office Colombo and achieved the distribution of more than 12100 solar home systems in Eastern Province for beneficiaries who don’t have access for grid power supply. This programme promoted the concept of eradication of use of bottle lamps in rural sector in order the avoid possible life threat by accidents

Pilot Projects
For the first time, pilot projects were launched to do electrification of a hospital and school using solar power only. The selected hospital was Kathiraweli peripheral unit and school was Mahilavedduvan School in Batticaloa district.

Bio Mass Project
The Bio Mass energy association of Sri Lanka (BEASL) had a discussion with Hon Chief Minister of Eastern Province to propose a Bio Mass project in Eastern Province using Glerecirdia plants. The concept was accepted and BEASL is in the Process to provide Milking Cows to the region. as phase one of the project.

Data Bank of Construction Materials

A data bank of Construction materials is maintained in this office for quality metal and gravel quarries in Eastern Province after testing.

Mechanical Advising Unit

The maintenance of the vehicle fleet of Eastern Provincial Council was brought under this office and found to be responsible for the maintenance of 889 Vehicles belonging to Eastern Province Council. Recently accumulated condemn vehicles (from 1990 onwards) 111 Nos. were put on sale by pubic auction and a revenue of 10.599 Million collected.

Electrical Maintenance Unit

With the demerging and establishing new offices in Eastern Provincial Council the electrical maintenance unit has helped to provideall electrical installations including security lamps.

Technical Concept papers

Technical concept papers on

1. Roads

2. Minor tanks

3. Water Supply

4. Energy Requirements and generation

were handed over to relevant Ministries of Eastern Provincial Council

Quality Control Programme – JBIC

A Quality control unit was established under JBIC funding (common Programme for all nine provinces ) and a mobile laboratory was established to perform field tests as a requirement for quality control (the photograph of the mobile laboratory vehicle in shown in the picture.)

Tourism Development in Eastern Province

This office is working very closely under the guidance of Hon. Chief Minister to exploit the available potentiality for tourism development. The following projects were implemented under ministry of Tourism funding (Centre)

1. Kanniya Hot Well

2. Pigeon Island

3. Mahaoya Hot Well

The following projects are in progress.
The paddle boats and a boat ticketing office cum canteen for Palameenpadu in Batticaloa Logoon area.

A Programme was drawn to establish
1. Comfort centers

2. Tourism information Centers

3. Release of brochure in tourism

4. Train Youth is Hospitality Services

(With the Training Department of Eastern Provincial Council)

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