Three day training program for improving the skills of the service providers in the tourism industry with the objective of promoting tourism in the eastern region held at Kulakottan training centre in Trincomalee.Inauguration ceremony of this 3 day training program held under the chairmanship of A.S.M.Fayis, General Manager Eastern province tourism Bureau. Australian volunteer Miss Lisa, tourism expert Mr Pascal, development officer of EPTB Mr Jaasir and other officials were also taken part on this occasion.

General Manager of the EPTB in his keynote address stated that the tourism industry in the country has been severely affected after the Easter Sunday attack and it was gradually reviving following several Remedial measures of the Ministry of tourism in the Eastern province tourism bureau especially in the Eastern Province. He pointed out that now a conducive environment and many opportunities have emerged for focusing on the development of industry. In this juncture EPTB has arranged a training programme for tourism service providers with the view of improving their skills and building trust among stakeholders in order to strengthen the public- private partnership in the tourism sector. He further added that he has made arrangements to conduct this training in other district as well and they intend to organise overseas training programme in the future as series of action to be taken by the bureau to achieve its mission and vision.



Resort owners, tourism drivers, spa owners, restaurant owners, travel agents, boat operators, small and medium traders and other tourism related stakeholders were among the participants. During the 3 days programme participants were able to gain enough knowledge and skills on Eastern tourism and many sessions were also arranged to share the information on cultural values of the Eastern region and discuss about the issues and challenges which are faced by the tourism stakeholders.All sessions were conducted by experienced and competent resource person in the tourism field namely Mr T. Basker, senior lecture of Trincomalee campus EUSL, Mr. Gunapala from Department of cultural Affairs EP, Mr. Kopahan PHI from Trincomalee MOH, Ms. Liza Whyte, consultant of EPTB and Mr Pascal from skills for inclusive growth and international organisation.











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