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Annual Implementation Programme

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Competent apex agency executing dynamic provincial planning process

Professionally guide, facilitate and coordinate provincial agencies through innovative effective systems, enhanced capacity and initiatives ensuring balanced socio economic development.

Thrust Area - 1   :Provincial planning process and systems.
- Formulated comprehensive result based medium-term development plan for EP and sector implementation programmes.
- Ensured optimum utilization of mobilized resources with balanced approach to meet development targets.
Thrust Area - 2   :  Coordination & monitoring of programmes and projects.
- Ensured effective coordination among the stakeholders in planning and implementation.
- Strengthened monitoring mechanisms for project implementation of consolidated AIP.

Thrust Area - 3   :  Information management and dissemination.
- Operationalized ICT lead reliable and user friendly information system for policy, planning and management.
- Improved dissemination process of updated information for quick & easy access for public.

Thrust Area - 4   :  Institutional development and governance.
- Competent staff performing in pleasure working environment with innovatives.
- Created modern office infrastructure facilities with appropriate structure & effective ICT system.
- Ensured balance development and equity & equality in development among sub-region and communities.

E1M1 03 08 2018

The 2nd Provincial Planning Committee Meeting of EPC for the year 2018 was held on 02nd August 2018 at 9.00 a.m. at the EPC Conference Hall, Varothayanagar, Trincomalee under chairmanship of the Chief Secretary, EPC with the participation of the Secretaries, Deputy Chief Secretaries, Heads of Departments & relevant senior officers of EPC, representatives from three District Secretariats and senior officials from Central Bank as well. 

Chief Secretary emphasized on the importance of the meeting arranged at the correct time, making convenient to the committee to seriously discuss on the current status of all the development programmes implemented by the provincial agencies and to overcome any related issues in the implementation processes. He also focused on few areas intended by the Government and directed all agencies to incorporate such areas in their next year plan.

The DCS-Planning overviewed the Annual Implementation Programme -2018, presenting the overall provincial capital budget and other source of funds under line ministries and special projects including summarized detail of upcoming projects. He also explained in detail the physical and financial performance of every provincial agency, stressing all for an appropriate action to complete all the targeted activities before end of this year.The forum discussed on various development issues in detail and on their internal arrangement to accelerate the implementation of the activities in a productive manner. The Representatives from three District Administration briefed on the development activities directly handled by them. The officials from Central Bank too expressed their roles and opportunities on development programmes  in Eastern Province.

E1M2 03 08 2018

 E1M3 03 08 2018

E1M4 03 08 2018

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