Modern regulatory institution ensuring revenue licenses for vehicles.

Ensure licensing of all vehicles in a fair manner using modern technology after ascertaining the required certificates and collecting the due revenue for the province through efficient and effective processes.

Thrust Area - 1  :  Upgrading the licensing and regulatory
- Ensured all vehicles licensed.
- Qualified garages registered.
- Improved vehicle transfer process.
- Generated Revenue.
Thrust Area - 2   :  Strengthening coordination with the Divisional Secretariats to deliver the delegatedservices.
- Improved facilities of Motor Traffic Units in Divisional Secretariats.
- Improved interrelationship with the Divisional Secretariats.

Thrust Area - 3   :  Institutional capacity development and Governance.
- Upgraded knowledge and skill of staff.
- Established internal system for better performance. (internal)
- Motor traffic Act, Circulars, Guidelines and recommendations complied with and implemented.
- Improved information dissemination for public.

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