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Mr.D.M. Sarath Abayagunawardana

Chief Secretary's Secretariat
Kanniya Road
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The brilliant hub leading to a prosperous Eastern Province with dignity.

Optimum mobilization and utilization of resources through sound management techniques for an efficient and effective service delivery within the provincial agencies for dignified living standard of the people in the province.

Thrust Area - 1   : Strengthening management of provincial agencies.
- Maintained administrative control, ensured better management practices among provincial agencies, and adequately coordinated external institutions.
- Coordinated and monitored implementation of special projects.
- Well established monitoring & evaluation.
Thrust Area - 2   :  Institutional capacity development and governance.
- Delivered efficient and effective services.


The Office for National Unity and Reconciliation (ONUR) in collaboration with the Eastern Provincial Council is implementing numerous national reconciliation programs in affected areas in Eastern Province to restore livelihood through increasing access to rural economic activities.

In this regard a ceremony was held in Salappaiaru Kuchchaveli D.S Division on 27th March 2019 to distribute livelihood inputs in productive economic sectors such as livestock and fisheries.

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