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Performance report - 2017


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I Modern organization ensuring quality service delivery and governance

Improving the quality of service delivery of the sector agencies under the purview of the Ministry through participatory process and practicing principles of governance.

Thrust Area - 1 : Issuing guidelines and instructions to the agencies under the ministry.

- Updated guidelines and instruction.

Thrust Area - 2 : Co-ordination and monitoring of the activities of the agencies.

- Ensured Periodical monitoring of the agencies.

Thrust Area - 3 : Institutional capacity development and governance.

- Strengthened institutions with physical and human resources.

Thrust Area - 4 : Implementation of special development program.

- Improved small scale infrastructure facilities and community development.

E1S 08 04 2019

A meeting was conducted at Chief Ministry’s Conference Hall on 08.04.2019 under chairmanship of Secretary, Chief Ministry-Eastern Province to observe the level of progress achieved regarding Integrated Development Programme which is scheduled to be held on 12.04.2019 at Batticaloa under the patronage of President. At this meeting Secretary expected the utmost contribution from all departments comes under purview of Chief Ministry for a successful achievement of this programme. Also, he inquired many problems reported by relevant head of departments during the discussion.

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E1S 01 02 2019

A handing over ceremony of garment factories constructed at Seethanaveli and Veeramunai in Muthur and Sammanthurai Divisional Secretariat Divisions respectively were officially handed over to Hameedia Cloth Stores Pvt (Ltd) on 2019.02.01 at Chief Ministry, Eastern Province. These two garment factories are constructed under Balance Regional Development Programme (BRDP) in 2018 to provide job opportunities to the unemployed youths. At this occasion Director Planning and Chief Accountant of Chief Ministry and Provincial Director, Department of Rural Industries were also attended.  

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