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Improved local authority system ensuring sustainable service delivery.

Coordinating, supporting and guiding for enhancing the capacities of local authorities through facilitating the development of legal frame work, services delivered and development work undertaken and monitoring to ensure equity, efficiency and effectiveness.

E1S 09 09 2020On 9th Sep, 2020 the Batticaloa Municipal Council and UNICEF Sri Lanka marked a significant milestone, signing a Memorandum of Understanding to help make Batticaloa the first Child-Friendly city in the Country and in South Asian region.

The MoU marks the latest stage in Batticaloa Municipality’s journey to become the first municipality in Sri Lanka that is committed to ensuring that the voices, needs, priorities and rights of children are an integral part of public policies, programs and decisions as guided by the convention on the rights of the child (CRC) are being met.

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E2S 209 2020The second batch of disinfectant materials viz., Sodium Hypochlorite 1%, Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer and Hand Sanitizer as to response to the Covid19 pandemic have been handed over by UNDP to be distributed among the Local Authorities in the Eastern Province. The department has taken action to distribute and dispatch those items to use at the LA level to combat the corona virus.

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