Provincial Director

Eng. K. Chandramohan

Department of Buildings

Inner Harbour Road
Tel : 026 2222630
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Quality, sustainable, user friendly and cost effective public buildings.

Design, construct, repair and maintain public buildings in a sustainable manner to resist natural disasters, to the satisfaction of clients and end users at reasonable cost in time following transparent & fair procedures.

Thrust Area - 1   :  Preparation of quality Architectural & Structural Designs incorporating resource efficiency & disaster mitigation.
- Prepared detail Architecture drawings with modern features.
- Prepared structural designs with disaster mitigation.
- Prepared detail estimates and bill of quantities.
Thrust Area - 2   : Construction & maintenance of quality public buildings with sound technologies in low cost.

- Constructed low cost public buildings.
- Constructed public buildings with improved technology.
- Well maintained public buildings in low cost.

Thrust Area - 3   : Adoption of sustainable material utilization & green technology in construction industry.
- Introduced Material sustainability & raw material usage in building construction industry.
- Introduced Energy , Power & Water utilization in public buildings.
Thrust Area - 4   : Provided safe accessibility for persons with special needs to all public buildings.
- Provided Comfortable & safe access for persons with special needs in all buildings.

Thrust Area - 5   : Institution strengthening, capacity development & good governance.
- Improved office buildings with modern facilities.
- Improved skills of architects, structural engineers, supervisory staff on latest design packages and latest technologies.
- Improved effectiveness of public funds utilization.
- Public complaints effectively attended.
- Transparency maintained in contract system.

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