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මාර්ග සංවර්ධන දෙපාර්තද‍මේන්තුව


  මාර්ග සංවර්ධන දෙපාර්තද‍මේන්තුව,
  නො. 93A, අන්ටෝන්ය්ස් හෙර්මිට් පාර,

  දුරකතන :065 2222567
  ෆැක්ස් :    065 2222567

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Administration Report - 2012
Administration Report - 2015
Road Sector in the Eastern Province
Road Details
Ampara District
Batticaloa District
Trincomalee District
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Provincial Roads
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  Vision   Mission
User friendly quality road net work with accessibility in Eastern Province.
Safe and comfortable link road network with connectivity for the convenient transportation of passengers & goods in fairly and equitable manner through improvement and maintenance.
Thrust Area - 1   :  Improving Road Network.
Improved safe and comfortable link road network.
Installed road furniture on all link roads.
Thrust Area - 2   :  Maintaining Provincial link Road Network.
Maintained link road network for safety and comfortable.
Maintained road furniture on all link roads.
Maintained ferry services.
Thrust Area - 3   :   Developing Connectivity Across all Crossings.
Constructed and Reconstructed Causeways cum Bridges across the existing water streams.
Reduced flood damages.
Thrust Area - 4   :   Institutional Capacity Development.
Trained and skilled managerial and technical officers.
Efficient and effective system of institution, procurement and quality management.
Thrust Area - 5   :  Good Governance.
Performance of Institutions, programme and project monitored and evaluated.
Circulars and guideline complied with for implementation.
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