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  Vision   Mission
A competent generation contributing to national development.
Create better facilities and enhance skills of the teachers and officers for providing quality education to the students fairly and equitably to improve the competency of the students.
Thrust Area - 1   :   Access & Participation in Primary & Secondary Education.
Ensured enrollment of all the children between age of 5 to 16 in the schools
Increased students attendance to schools
Ensured participation of children with special needs
Ensured the effective implementation of Non Formal Education programmes for out of school children
Child rights secured in all schools
Thrust Area - 2   :   Creating Facilities for Learning Environment.
Provided primary classrooms with necessary teaching learning facilities
Provided higher order learning spaces and classroom buildings
Thrust Area - 3   :   Improvement of Quality Education.
Primary students attained mastery levels in Essential Learning Competencies in all 03 key stages
Improvement of the competency level of secondary students
ICT application for teaching and learning technique improved
Enhanced quality of education by implementing child friendly approach at schools
Improved facilities for Co-curricular activities
Upgraded teachers’ skills according to the education reforms
Ensured effective monitoring system for classroom teaching learning process
Thrust Area - 4   :   Promotion of Health and Nutrition Practices.
Ensured the protective and healthy environment in all schools
Ensured adequate water and sanitation facilities in schools
Thrust Area - 5   :   Institutional Capacity Development.
Strengthened capacities of Education Officers
Enhanced productivity of all education institutions
Implementing program for School Improvement
Thrust Area - 6   :   Good Governance.
Performance of Institutions, programme and project monitored and evaluated
Circulars, Guidelines and recommendations complied with and implemented
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