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Chief Secretary's Secretariat
Chief Secretary
Mr.D.M. Sarath Abayagunawardana

  Chief Secretary's Secretariat,
  Kanniya Road,

  Tel : 026-2222012
  Mob : 077-9875099
  Fax : 026-2222008

  Email : cs@ep.gov.lk

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  Vision   Mission
The brilliant hub leading to a prosperous Eastern Province with dignity.
Optimum mobilization and utilization of resources through sound management for an efficient and effective service delivery to provincial agencies towards a dignified living standard of the people in the province.
Thrust Area - 1   :   Strengthening Management Process.
Better coordination practiced among provincial and external institutions
Well established monitoring system in development activities
Thrust Area - 2   :   Institutional capacity development.
Efficient and effective service delivery
Skilled and trained staff
Thrust Area - 3   :   Good Governance.
Performance, accountability and transparency monitored and evaluated
Regulations, circulars, guidelines & recommendations are complied with and implemented
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