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      Centre for Information Resources Management                                               
Mrs. P.Kalamathy

  Centre for Information
              Resources Management ,

  Kanniya Road,

  Tel :026-2222023
  Fax :026-2222296

  e-mail: cirm@ep.gov.lk

  About CIRM

The Centre for Information Resources Management (CIRM) offers information, village poverty data, training and advisory services in participatory approaches and community development and monitoring. CIRM customises its products and services to the specific requirements of the government departments, special projects and non government organizations. CIRM started its activities on January 1st 2004 to promote community centered rehabilitation, development and good governance among the government institutions, non-government organisations and special projects in the Eastern and Northern Provinces of Sri Lanka. CIRM also aims to promote the dissemination of relevant best practices so organisations don’t have to ‘invent the wheel’ again.


To assist the Provincial Administration in the processes of developing and applying appropriate concepts, procedures and methods for community development.


To support the Provincial Administration in the dissemination and efficient utilisation of best practices and products developed by different stakeholders.


To harmonise and unify the various approaches, promote the utilisation of information, network and communication so as to increase the quality of development and promotion of transparency for good governance.

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