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Ministry of Road Development, Land & Land Development, Skill & Manpower Development and Water Supply
Hon. W.G.M. Ariyawathi Galappaththi

  මාර්ග සංවර්ධන අමාත්‍යාංශය
  ඇතුල්වරාය පාර,

  දුරකතන :026-2224041,43
  ෆැක්ස් :    026-2226042

I.K.G. මුතුබණ්ඩා මහතා

  මාර්ග සංවර්ධන අමාත්‍යාංශය,
  ඇතුල්වරාය පාර,

  දුරකතන :026-2224854
  ෆැක්ස් :    026-2224029

  විද්‍යුත් තැපෑල

   Administration Report - 2015
   Sectoral Structure
ගරු ඇමතිතුමන් විසින් කරන ලද අය වැය කථාව - 2016
(දෙමළ | සිංහල )
 Women Affairs
  Vision   Mission
Best coordinating organization for quality service delivery in road development & land administration.
Strengthening road, land, women affairs, water supply and skill & manpower agencies through coordination & monitoring to ensure quality service delivery and governance and to improve the performance of these agencies in sustainable manner.
Thrust Area - 1   :  Issuing guidelines & instructions on implementation to agencies.
Updated guidance and instructions.
Complied with guidelines, circulars, procedures issued by the relevant authorities.
Thrust Area - 2   :  Monitoring & evaluation on a regular basis.
Measured and monitored institutional and project performance.
Evaluated performance of the projects.
Thrust Area - 3   :  Implementation of special development programmes.
Implemented special development projects.
Implemented water supply projects.
Implemented women affairs projects.
Implemented skill & manpower projects.
Thrust Area - 4   :  Strengthening institutional capacity & governance.
Ensured better institutional arrangements.
Maintained proper office transport system.
Increased capacity & skills of the staff.
Maintained office building & quarters.
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