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Administration Report - 2013
  Vision   Mission
Committed and dynamic organization ensuring the achievement of co-operative development.
Guiding, empowering and monitoring co-operative societies to engage in sustainable productive business ventures to deliver quality products and services and contributing to socio - economic development in competitive and fair manner.
Thrust Area - 1   :  Promoting and disseminating concept of co-operatives among school children and general public.
Students and general public acquired knowledge on cooperative concept.
Thrust Area - 2   :  Improving food storage, distribution and ensuring food security.
Modernized Storage facilities.
Thrust Area - 3   :  Improving the service delivery and capacity development of Coop Societies.
Strengthened the Co-operative Rural Banking (CRB) system.
Strengthened accounting system of co-op societies.
Thrust Area - 4   :  Institutional development and governance.
Improved institutional facilities.
Trained Personnel -- field staff and society staff.
Ensured legal recognition to the Departmental activities.
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