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Department of Local Government
Mr. M.Y.Saleem

  Department of Local Government,
  Eastern Provincial Council,
  Kanniya Road,

  Tel :026-2220074
  Fax :026-2220075

  e-mail: clg@ep.gov.lk

Administration Report - 2012
Local Authority Boundaries
Ampara  |   Batticaloa  |   Trincomalee
  Vision   Mission
Efficient and effective local authority system for quality service delivery of citizens in Eastern Province.
Guiding, facilitating and supporting Local Authorities in policy formulation, institutional and programme development to deliver quality services in responsible, accountable and participatory manner.
Thrust Area - 1   :   Improvement of community infrastructure facilities.
Mobility of rural thoroughfare services improved.
Improved Community infrastructure facilities
Improved public utilities
Thrust Area - 2   :  Facilitating environmental protection and social safeguard.
Ensured implementation of environmental policies and guidelines.
Integrated & participatory Solid Waste Management system adopted.
Integrated & participatory sewerage treatment plants adopted.
Thrust Area - 3   :   Policy formulation and implementation.
Guidelines developed.
Enforcement of updated bylaws ensured.
Thrust Area - 4   :   Institutional capacity development.
Efficient and effective system of institution, procurement and quality management.
Strengthened Service delivery system at LAs and CBOs.
Information based decision making ensured.
Thrust Area - 5   :   Good Governance.
Ensured participatory planning and management.
Information disseminated among stakeholders.
Gap between the LA and the people reduced.
Performance of Institutions, programme and project monitored and evaluated.
Circulars and guideline complied with for implementation.
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