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Medium Term Agency Results Framework
2013 - 2017
Eastern Provincial Council
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 Special Speech address by Hon.Govener  Assembly
( Tamil | Sinhala | English)
Policy Statement by the Hon. Chief Minister
( English | Tamil )
Budget Speech - 2016 delivered by the Hon. Chief Minister
(Tamil | Sinhala)  

  Public Day to Meet
Hon .Governor, EP

The day for public to meet Hon.Governor, Eastern Province is changed as Mondays.
(not Wednesdays)

  Annual Transfer - 2016
              - Appeal Board Decisions

  One Government 2020 Strategy
Year - 2015

Registered of Suppliers &
Contractors 2016

Registered Suppliers & Contractors for the year of 2016 Eastern Provincial Council

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Hon. Austin Fernando

  Tel: 026-2222102
  Fax: 026-2222320

  Governor's Secretariat,
  Lower Road, Orr's Hill,

  e-mail : governor@ep.gov.lk

Chief Minister
Hon. Z.A. Nazeer Ahamed (Eng)

  Tel: 026-2226052
  Fax: 026-2226094

  Chief Minister's Secretariat,
  Inner Harbour Road,

  e-mail : chiefminister@ep.gov.lk

Chief Secretary
Mr.D.M.Sarath Abayagunawardana

  Tel: 026-2222012
  Fax: 026-2222008

  Chief Secretary's Secretariat,
  Kanniya Road, Varothayanagar,

  e-mail : cs@ep.gov.lk


Excellent system of Governance, which satisfies the needs and aspirations of the people in the province.


Mobilization and optimum utilization of resources towards efficient & effective service delivery for improved living standard of the people.

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